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Jon James: Five Months

Jon James: Five Months

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."        -Robert Brault

One of the greatest tips I think a parent can get is, don't react, respond. It's definitely difficult, and something I have to constantly remind myself. Often times when I hear a screaming baby at 2 A.M. I think something along the lines of, "UGGGHHH. Why do you hate me?" And then I remember, he's a baby and cannot express himself. Then, I try to figure out how to help him instead of immediately getting annoyed. I guess that's a helpful tip in general, is responding instead of reacting.

We know that every day people are fighting their own struggles, but often times we are hardest on ourselves. The easiest way to get over that is to focus on the little things, our own little victories, instead of the "big picture." Big picture no one has enough money, time, things, patience, etc. etc. Little picture, our lives our filled with smiles, hugs, snuggles, laughs, hand holding, thank you's, singing, and a lifetime full of memories. So, when you wake up, remember, "Good day. Good morning." Because the sun will come out tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, then the day after. 


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Jon James: Four Months

Jon James: Four Months

Everywhere you look,
Everywhere you go
There’s a heart
A hand to hold onto.

As the perceived time between these monthly updates shortens Sof and I couldn't be more excited about what lies ahead for us this year. So far we have a very happy and healthy boy with incredible support from our friends and family; unbelievably Jon James is already for months old! 

We loved seeing everyone around the holidays and it was a very special Christmas this year for more than one reason. Our first New Years as a family and we were in bed before the ball drop! Thank you to everyone for your generous gifts we are spoiled in many ways!

Right now we have little 1 hour windows between his naps and while we're able to squeeze in a lot of activity and a few date nights, we know there's still people to visit and we are right on the brink of having longer periods where he is awake so we will be seeing you soon!

Thank you to my Mom for having these incredible pillows made for the three of us this Christmas as special reminder of my Dad. (click to enlarge)

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